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Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions. The best person to contact for most questions will be your head coach. However, if it is an EYFL or CCMFL league question feel free to contact an Erie Youth Football board member.


What league does Erie Youth Football participate in?

a) Erie Youth Football participates in the Coal Creek Midget Football League (CCMFL). This is a competitive league with teams from different cities north of Denver.

What are the age groups?

a) Age groups range from U7-U13.

Is this competitive football or more recreational?

a) This is competitive football. We keep score. A team’s win/loss record determines their seeding into the playoffs. Not every team reaches the championship playoffs. If a team does not reach the championship playoffs, they will go to the consolation play-offs.

Do all players get the same amount of playing time?

a) No, this is competitive football. However, we want to see every player play in every game.

How are teams formed?

a) Per CCMFL rules players will remain on the same roster from year to year unless there is a change in the number of teams from the previous year. If the number of teams changes, the rosters will be adjusted however the board determines is in the best interest of the program. For younger age groups (usually at the U8 level) when multiple teams are first formed, there will be a draft held by the head coaches.

What is the length of the football season?

a) Practices usually begin in early August. Games usually start the 3rd Saturday after practices begin. Most teams try to play a pre-season scrimmage the Saturday before games start. Teams will play 8-10 games (including play-offs). The season usually ends in early November. Specific dates for a season are published on our Calendar page as well as game schedules on the CCMFL website.

How many days a week do teams practice?

a) Teams are allowed 4 contacts per week. For weeks where there is not a game, a team can practice up to 4 times. For weeks when there is a game, teams can practice 3 times. Most teams will practice for up to 2 hours per practice.

When are games and where can I find the schedule?

a) Game schedules can be found on the CCMFL website.

Your head coach is provided the official schedule. In rare instances there are mistakes on the CCMFL website, so be sure to get your game schedule from your head coach.

Can I choose what team I want my child to play on?

a) Sorry, but we do not accept team or friend requests.

How can I volunteer to be a coach?

a) If you would like to be a head coach, contact a member the Erie Youth Football board of directors. If you would like to be an assistant coach, contact the head coach of your player’s team.

I would like to help out, how can I help?

a) Contact your head coach if there is something you would like to help with on your team. Erie Youth Football is always looking for volunteers, so please contact a board member.

Is Erie Youth Football a non-profit organization?

a) Yes, all funds are put into the Erie Youth football program. Everyone associated with Erie Youth Football is a volunteer.

Are there boundary restrictions?

a) Yes. The CCMFL has strict boundary restrictions. Erie’s boundaries includes the town of Erie and some of the surrounding areas. There are “gray” areas. These areas are not tied to any specific chapter in the CCMFL. If you live in a city outside of Erie, please contact us to ensure that we can accept your child’s registration.

Is there priority given to kids from Erie for registration?

a) Yes, Erie kids are given registration priority over non-Erie kids.

Are there registration cut-offs?

a) Yes, please see the Calendar page.

What equipment is loaned each season from Erie Youth Football?

a) Erie Youth Football loans out helmets and shoulder pads. All other equipment is the player’s responsibility.

What equipment are players/parents required to purchase?

a) Black football pants with pads, cleats, chinstrap, colored mouthpiece, black socks for games.

For games, is there a specific uniform?

a) Yes, black football pants with pads, black socks, and either the home or away jersey. Check with your coach if you have questions.

Are there home and away jerseys?

a) Yes, Our home jerseys are Black, and our away jerseys are White.

Jersey numbers, will I get the one I requested?

a) We do not guarantee you will get the number you requested. However, we try to do our best to accommodate jersey number requests as much as possible. Previous years players do get priority when requesting the same number as the previous year, with the exception of times when we combine multiple teams. Otherwise it is first come, first served.

What involvement is required of parents?

a) Parents are needed to help at every game to do things such as scorekeeping, run chains, and play counting for the younger age groups. We always accept parent volunteers to help us with painting/striping fields, picking up trash after games, clearing snow from fields, etc..

Does Erie Youth Football have a code of conduct for players, parents, and coaches?

a) Please see the Documents section for the Code of Conduct.

Is Erie Youth Football run by volunteers or are people paid to do this?

a) Erie Youth football is completely run by volunteers, nobody is paid. Every coach, helper, and board member volunteer their time, energy, and passion for youth football.

What must coaches do to be sure they are compliant with current concussion training requirements?

a) All coaches are required to complete concussion training in compliance with CO state law.

When does registration open up?

a) Registration for new players usually opens in on May 1st. Late registration (price increase) usually starts July 1st

Will there be a waiting list if the age group my child plays in is full?

a) When an age group is full, yes we open a waiting list. We do our very best to enable as many kids as possible to play football.

I need financial aid to register my child, what do I need to do?

a) Contact a board member prior to the late registration cut-off. We work with an organization called “Activities 4 All” that helps with registration costs. Their website can be found at:

Does Erie Youth Football have cheerleading?

a) Cheerleading has been run by a “sister” organization in the past. Erie Youth Football itself does not run cheerleading, just football. There is currently no one running the cheerleading organization, if you are interested in starting this up we are always willing to work with you and help out where possible.

How closely does Erie Youth Football work with Erie High School?

a) We work closely with Erie High School football. We encourage all Erie Youth Football players to attend Erie HS football camp, usually held the week before our season starts.

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